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Special Education


Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

We provide personalized advocacy to develop IEPs tailored to your child's unique needs. Our goal is to help your child thrive academically and socially.


Section 504 Plans

We work tirelessly to ensure equal access to education for students with disabilities. Section 504 Plans are a vital tool in achieving this goal.


Parent Coaching and Guidance

We empower parents with knowledge and support to navigate the complexities of the special education system. Together, we can prepare you to make informed decisions that benefit your child's future and develop your skills as your child’s greatest education advocate.

Meet the Advocate

Jenna Robertson is the special education advocate at Nevada Alliance for Student Diversity. Jenna is COPAA-trained and has had years of experience in special education advocacy. She is committed to achieving positive outcomes for your child in school.

Our Commitment to Equity


Equity in education is at the core of what we do. We believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed. Our advocacy focuses on:


  • Inclusivity: We promote inclusive classrooms where diversity is celebrated, and every student feels valued.


  • Fairness: We fight for fair treatment and access to resources for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.


  • Empowerment: We empower parents to be effective advocates for their children's education.

Ready to take the first step toward an equitable education for your child? Contact us today at! We are here to support you on this journey.

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