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Nevada Alliance for Student Diversity’s Gender Diversity Learning Series is an online employee training platform for schools, youth serving organizations and professionals who work with gender diverse youth.


This self-paced 6 module course replaces the need for school campuses to coordinate site-wide gender diversity trainings to fulfill the yearly training requirements of Nevada law SB225. School staff can complete the entire course in under 2 hours, with most modules taking less than 15 minutes.

This course covers all of the content included in our live Gender Diversity Professional Development session including:
1.    The Gender Binary & Gender Roles
2.    LGBTQIA Terminology/ Sexual Orientation vs Gender Identity & Gender Expression
3.    Gender Identity Development in Youth/ Student & Family Experiences
4.    Creating an Affirming Environment in Classrooms and Schools
5.    Addressing Questions and Concerns from Parents and Students
6.    The History of Applicable Laws and Policy Development in Nevada

Each module begins with a video featuring students, parents, teachers, administrators, and medical & mental health professionals delivering the content in an engaging and informative way from their own personal experiences. Participants can then download supplementary materials before completing the module with a brief assessment. A certificate of completion will be provided after the final assessment.


This course will help participants to

  • Increase the school community’s understanding of gender identity and expression as it relates to all students

  • Understand, adhere, and fully implement their school’s gender diversity policy

  • Support gender diverse students through the gender support plan process

  • Adequately and confidently answer questions from parents or other students

  • More fully incorporate the topic of gender within the school’s existing diversity programs and commitments

Schools may purchase access for their entire staff for a fixed price, and each participant can enroll themselves using a site-specific link. Tailored reports of employee progress can be provided by NASD, or campuses can be provided admin access to run their own progress reports to monitor their participants.


The course platform includes a moderated interactive Educator Information and Support Forum where participants can post questions and comments and discuss course material. Each course package will also include a 2 hour live online Q&A with Executive Director Laura Hernandez to answer participant’s questions and to facilitate discussions.

Out goal is to make this course affordable for all schools, we offer discounts to charter systems enrolling multiple campuses. Email for a quote.

20 employee minimum enrollment. Individual pricing is not available.

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