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Gender Diverse Student Advocacy

NASD works directly with the local school district and charters to ensure that gender diverse students who are transitioning in school are treated with respect, and that the school is complying with local and state laws that protect gender diverse and transgender students. We ensure that students have access to facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms, as well as access to sex-segregated classes such as PE and choir that are in line with their gender identity. We can also ensure that student’s chosen name and gender marker are updated in the school’s system regardless of whether it has been changed legally.

School Support Services

We provide professional development and policy development, as well as gender diversity training to schools for administrators, teachers, and support staff to educate them on terminology, the law, and best practices for supporting gender diverse youth.

Parent & Youth Support

NASD is the only organization in Nevada providing a comprehensive wrap-around program for families supporting gender diverse children through the journey to become their authentic selves.

Gender Diverse Youth and Parent Support Groups

We offer weekly in-person therapeutic support groups, one group for gender diverse youth, and a separate group for  parents and family members.

***CONTACT US AT (702) 776-8812



Gender Diverse Patient Advocacy

We provide Information on medical options, referrals to trusted local providers, and patient advocacy.  Our Adolescent Transgender Healthcare Committee is working to increase options and access to competent and safe care for gender diverse youth in our community by building relationships with local adolescent healthcare providers and connecting them with specialists who provide training on protocols and best practices for treating gender diverse youth.

**For questions or to request gender diverse student advocate support, please contact NASD at (702) 776-8812 or email us at

Information regarding existing laws and policies that protect gender-diverse students in Clark County School district:

State law and CCSD policy states that with a written request from a parent:

1. The school will update infinite campus with the student’s chosen name and chosen gender marker. (This is a change to UNOFFICIAL records, so this can be done WITHOUT a legal name change, and can be reversed or changed at any time.) This change will update the student’s name and gender marker on all class roll sheets. Teachers and students will not be able to see the student’s birth name or gender. Updating Infinite Campus will also update the student’s Google Classroom login to reflect the student’s chosen name, and students may update any other online distance learning logins to mirror what shows in Infinite Campus.

2. The student will have access to the PE class that they feel most comfortable with. If the student does not feel comfortable in either PE class, we can find alternatives such as an online PE course.

3. The student will have access to the restroom and locker room in which they feel most comfortable and safe. Students cannot be denied access to facilities that are in line with their gender identity.

4. Students have a right to attend overnight field trips and gender diverse students can choose to be assigned to a hotel room based on their gender identity. Teachers and administrators cannot disclose a student’s gender identity, birth name, or sex assigned at birth to any students or their parents, and any disclosure of such information would be a violation of FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

*Students in charter schools also have protections under state law, regardless of whether the school has implemented their own gender diversity policy.  


If you are a student or parent of a student who is transitioning in school, Nevada Alliance for Student Diversity can help guide your family through the process. Our experienced student advocates have supported hundreds of gender diverse students through their transitions in school. We can prepare your family to meet with the school, or we can accompany you as your advocate to ensure that they are following all state and local policies. Contact Laura at with any questions.

*NASD is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All services/support are provided at no cost.

What is the process for requesting changes at school?

We've supported hundreds of gender diverse students through their transitions at school! Our student advocate can guide you through the process and attend the meeting in support of the student and family to ensure that the school is compliant with all laws and policies. If you would like advocacy support, please contact us at (702) 776-8812. Also include us on any emailed school correspondence at

1. Call your child's school and request to speak to the counselor or the principal. Tell them your child is gender diverse and you need to schedule a "gender support team" meeting to address their needs. The Equity & Diversity Department oversees this process. If the school is unaware of the policy, you can refer them to CCSD policy 5138. We can help you with this process! - contact us at (702) 776-8812.

2. CCSD requires a written request signed by the parent/s or guardian/s outlining what changes are being requested, such as updating the name and gender marker in Infinite Campus, or changes to PE class, restroom, or locker room facilities. We can help you draft your request letter.

3. Once the school has received your written request, they will schedule a "Gender Support Team" meeting to discuss your requests and to create a "Gender Support Plan" for the student. In CCSD these meetings are currently being done by teleconference using Google Meets.  The meeting will include the principal, the school counselor, a representative from the Equity & Diversity Department, the parent/s, the student, and our student advocate can accompany you.

The process in charter schools may be slightly different. If you  have any questions, contact us at (702) 776-8812 or

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